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Avoiding Weight Gain After Breast Cancer

Excess weight can be an unwanted side effect of chemotherapy, but it doesn’t have to be. By Beth W. Orenstein Reviewed by Judy Mouchawar, MD, MSPH | everydayHEALTH Breast cancer survivors with a family history of breast or ovarian cancer gained more weight within five years of treatment than women who didn’t have the disease, […]


Self-Blame And Breast Cancer: Don’t Go There

Kathryn E. Livingston | Huffington Post When something “bad” happens to us, we often second-guess the reasons. Eight years ago, when I was diagnosed with breast cancer, the first thing I did was start beating myself up. I must have “caused” this disease myself. In my mind, I went over a litany of things I […]

So You Don't Cook ENG Thumbnail

So You Don’t Cook

For those of us who don’t cook, eating healthy can be harder than for most; additionally, the inability to cook can serve as an excuse to avoid improving eating habits. Below are healthy eating tips catered to those who need quick and easy ways to eat healthier. (more…)

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The Next Big Thing

The hardships of cancer do not disappear after the end of active treatment. In addition to ongoing physical pain, survivors must cope with the emotional challenges of adapting to the emotional challenges of life after cancer. Cancer care providers have responded with an increase in programs and resources for cancer survivors to help survivors enjoy […]

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Finding Your New Normal

After the diagnosis and treatment, cancer survivors must learn to adjust to and recognize their body’s new normal. From skin changes, hair loss, and the physical (and psychological) effects of radical surgeries, Dr. Lindsay Sortor answers a host of questions about adapting to your body after cancer. (more…)

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Lend Your Voice

Every woman’s cancer experience is different especially when it comes to whether she wishes to share her diagnosis and cancer journey. Rose Gerber gives some insight on her road to cancer advocacy and tips on how to know if you’re ready to become a cancer advocate. (more…)

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Triple Negative Breast Cancer

Triple negative breast cancer remains one of the more mysterious types of breast cancer, but people like Robyn Littman are trying to change that. Below are answers to common questions about triple negative breast cancer and stories on those trying to bring greater awareness to it. (more…)

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Iron May Help Fight Fatigue

Everyone gets tired every once in a while; however, if you start to feel chronically tired- even after a good night’s rest- you may have an iron deficiency. A new study has shown that women, who may not have anemia, but a small iron deficiency, may still benefit from iron supplements. (more…)