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Finding Your New Normal ENG Thumbnail

Finding Your New Normal

After the diagnosis and treatment, cancer survivors must learn to adjust to and recognize their body’s new normal. From skin changes, hair loss, and the physical (and psychological) effects of radical surgeries, Dr. Lindsay Sortor answers a host of questions about adapting to your body after cancer. (more…)

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Iron May Help Fight Fatigue

Everyone gets tired every once in a while; however, if you start to feel chronically tired- even after a good night’s rest- you may have an iron deficiency. A new study has shown that women, who may not have anemia, but a small iron deficiency, may still benefit from iron supplements. (more…)

Chemical Reaction ENG Thumbnail

Chemical Reaction

Synthetic chemicals have become an increasingly strong force in our everyday lives. Without the proper precautions synthetic chemicals can do more than sanitize your hands, they can adversely affect your hormones as well. (more…)

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Just Say No to Indoor Tanning

No compliment is worth skin cancer. Indoor tanning became all the rage several years ago and has now become a common part of some women’s beauty regimens. However, there is now clear evidence linking indoor tanning and skin cancer. Read on for healthy alternatives. (more…)

Fight the 5 Fears of Aging with Exercise Thumbnail

Fight the 5 Fears of Aging with Exercise

During your 40s you may begin to feel little aches and pains, notice slower cognitive functioning, and develop a fear of not being able to stop the side effects of aging. Though you can’t control time, you can control your fitness level and learn to mitigate the ailments of aging. (more…)

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7 Minutes to Fitness

Both aerobic exercise and strength training are important, but not many people can (or want to) spend hours at the gym. This quick 7 minute workout gives you the benefits of both types of work outs and leaves you time to catch up on your favorite show, go to a museum, or (for the very […]