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Lend Your Voice

Every woman’s cancer experience is different especially when it comes to whether she wishes to share her diagnosis and cancer journey. Rose Gerber gives some insight on her road to cancer advocacy and tips on how to know if you’re ready to become a cancer advocate. (more…)

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Swimming SpiriT

“It’s an honor to grow older and people forget this.” Curious about her speed and agility in the pool 30 years after her college swimming days, Louise talks about the boost in confidence and her fitness level as she slowly eased herself into the pool. Learn how you can jump back in to the pool […]

Imagine Life WIthout Breast Cancer small

Imagine Life Without Breast Cancer

Fall 2013 Survivor Story by Vickie Paradise Green I am a breast cancer survivor, and I live each day grateful for the good prognostic markers of my early-stage disease. I try not to focus on the small chance that it may come back. Someday our journey will end, whether from old age or maybe from […]

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Embracing Change

Winter 2014 Survivor Story by Sarah Smith “Change” – whether wanted or unwanted – is a part of life. The big moments are going to come. Most changes are exciting and fun, but sometimes the change is devastating. It’s what you do during these times that count. That’s when you will find out who you […]