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Lend Your Voice

Every woman’s cancer experience is different especially when it comes to whether she wishes to share her diagnosis and cancer journey. Rose Gerber gives some insight on her road to cancer advocacy and tips on how to know if you’re ready to become a cancer advocate. (more…)

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Just Say No to Indoor Tanning

No compliment is worth skin cancer. Indoor tanning became all the rage several years ago and has now become a common part of some women’s beauty regimens. However, there is now clear evidence linking indoor tanning and skin cancer. Read on for healthy alternatives. (more…)

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Swimming SpiriT

“It’s an honor to grow older and people forget this.” Curious about her speed and agility in the pool 30 years after her college swimming days, Louise talks about the boost in confidence and her fitness level as she slowly eased herself into the pool. Learn how you can jump back in to the pool […]

Restoring Your Body after Breast Cancer small

Restoring Your Body after Breast Cancer

Time and again I witness in my students the experience of renewal. These extraordinary people have he courage to take “the next step.” That’s when I know that all the time we have spent moving together has had a positive impact not only on their muscles, tendons, and joints but also on their attitudes, hearts, […]